November 22, 2015

Our Team

Scot Reagin

scotScot Reagin has been a technology professional for more than 30 years, specializing in Data and Information solutions since 1997. He is a Certified Business Intelligence Professional and Adjunct Professor of Business Intelligence at the University of Denver.

Throughout his career Scot has had a passion for straightforward problem solving which has been the basis for his many robust and reliable solution designs. He is a thought leader but also a pragmatist, allowing him to build solutions that provide value today while positioning for tomorrow.

Prior to cofounding Sensible Data Integrations Scot was a Director and Principal Business Intelligence Architect for RevGen Partners, founder and Principal Architect of SJ Reagin & Associates, and National General Manager and Senior BI Solutions Architect for Aspirity LLC (later acquired by Hitachi Consulting).

In addition to Consulting Scot has created and delivered public and private courseware on a wide range of BI topics and Scot’s ability to tie the technical aspects of a solution to business value have made him a popular speaker at business and technical conferences.


Steve Nogradi

Steve is a Microsoft certified SQL Server database administrator and developer with over 15 years of hands on experience helping organizations with their data needs. He has a deep understanding of SQL Server and related technologies across multiple versions and constantly strive to expand his database knowledge.

Prior to co-founding Sensible Data Integrations, Steve held positions as a database developer and administrator.

Steve earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree from National University



Camille Reagin

Analyst Camille Reagin leads the marketing program at Sensible Data Integrations while she pursues a degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in business.