SDI Integration Hub™

Save time and ensure consistency across multiple systems with an automated platform.

Separating Data from Process

SDI Integration Hub takes on the critical issue of integration where complex and variable business rules must be implemented to satisfy the requirements of different systems.

Because we look for ways to streamline solutions, our design separates the processes of moving data from processes that transform data.

The Publisher-Subscriber architecture of the Hub embodies this design: any system that publishes to the Hub does so without transformation. The publishing process is both efficient and accurate relative to its source.  Similarly, a system which subscribes to data from the Hub may manipulate that data without influencing or interacting with any other system

This separation of process and the modular design of participating systems ensure simplicity, reliability, and maintainability.

Designed with Change in Mind

As your organization grows, The SDI Integration Hub™ grows with you. Its modular design allows participating systems to be added, removed, or modified without loss of data or interruption of other integrations.

Core Features and Components

Platform Technology

The SDI Integration HubTM is built on Microsoft SQL Server technologies which support a wide range of capabilities in a single license. Systems that Publish to or Subscribe from the Hub may be virtually any technology and may be local, hosted, or cloud-based environments.

Multi-Directional Integration

Data published to the Hub may be Subscribed from the Hub by other system.

Scheduled Integrations

Flexible scheduling allows data to be integrated in whole or part at a frequency that meets your business needs.

Process Tracking and Auditing

Performance metrics and detailed reporting on integration processes give you insight into how your environment is performing and where you may have data issues or process bottlenecks.

Analytics and Reporting (coming soon)

The SDI Integration Hub Analytics and Reporting module will provide insight, analysis, and reporting on any data exchanged in the Hub. Configurable to your organization’s unique needs, the Analysis and Reporting Module is a valuable extension of your data integration environment.

Have correct, complete, data available when you need it

SDI Integration Hub™ works with virtually any cloud or on-premise system. Whether your integration need involves systems you’ve purchased, developed yourself, or are subscribed to as a service, the Hub can ensure you have the right data at the right time.

Here are just a few of the most popular systems we’ve integrated (and we’re always adding more):

Flat World/Sagence Learning
Microsoft SQL Server

Learn more about how SDI Integration Hub™ simplifies and adds value to your data environment.