November 19, 2015

About Us


We chose our name carefully. We’ve seen far too many Information/Data and Business intelligence Solutions fail because they lose sight of their fundamental purpose: Providing Business Value.

Our Sensible approach is to understand our client’s needs, capabilities, and challenges and then design a solution that provides Business Value early and continuously – always looking to the future but not neglecting the present.

We are Data Integrators and Solutions Providers, not software vendors. Our years of experience and skills acquired in a wide variety of business environments, technologies, and processes, allow us to assess and whenever possible use the tools and resources our clients already have, to begin solving problems. As our client’s needs and capabilities evolve, tools, skills, and resources may be added to support our client’s evolution.

Large or small solutions, our approach is proven and repeatable, yet tailored to ensure a fit with each client’s need, culture, and capability.

Business Value is the only goal. Sensible.