Data Vault Modeling Certification Courses in Sydney and Melbourne November, 2017

Join us in Australia this November for three-day Data Vault Modeling Certification Course.  Scot Reagin will be an instructor in Sydney November 15-17 and Melbourne November 20-22.

What you’ll learn:

This course will guide you through the Data Vault modeling approach from modeling constructs and patterns to applying data vault principles in your DWBI program. This course covers also loading paradigms, architectures, and how to develop an effective overall data vault data warehouse program. Since data vault may be new for many of you, this course also includes a summary of the benefits of using data vault techniques.

New in 2017:

Updates to the course for 2017 include Big Data modeling, revised UOW, Metrics Overlay, Ensemble Modeling, updated BK design, Hash Key options, new Raw/BDV materials, and new cases.


The hands-on course format leverages guidance from instructors as students attending the course model all three days in class.  This variety of real-world scenarios in work in the course means all students are able to learn from a range of activities.

The CDVDM course is a three (3) day intensive classroom based course. The course consists of five core components plus the certification exam. The classroom time is

40% Classroom Lecture, 30% Small Group Exercises and 30% Interactive Discussions.


Who should take this course:

The target audience for this course includes data warehousing and business intelligence professionals, data modelers, data architects, model managers, data warehouse DBAs, and ETL professionals. Because data vault modeling concepts are closely aligned with the business aspects of DWBI programs our target audience also includes program managers, business analysts, information modelers, information architects, BICC professionals, and data scientists.


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