Simplify Data Management with the SDI Integration Hub™

Every organization struggles to ensure data is up to date and consistent across multiple systems. Failing to solve this problem means managers spend more time resolving issues than running the company.

Diagnosing and resolving incorrect or inconsistent data is expensive and can result in the loss of current and potential business to more efficient competitors.

Repetitive manual processes used to move and manipulate data are labor intensive, costly, and prone to error. Expensive integration tools do not provide a complete solution either as administration and configuration of these tools require specialized skills and often hard to find resources.

Organizations need a reliable, cost-effective, automated solution to ensure critical data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there, today and in the future as their business grows.

The SDI Integration Hub™ was developed for exactly this purpose.

The SDI Integration Hub™ platform makes easy and reliable data migration and integration possible. Some organizations use the Hub to migrate data from one system to another. For others, the Hub provides continuous data integration among multiple systems.

The Hub’s modular architecture separates data from process and removes system-specific dependencies. This design allows the Hub to adjust to changing needs without incurring costly redevelopment of direct system-to-system processes. The Hub can be maintained with basic technical skills, and is designed to be both affordable and capable.

Putting to use more than 70 years of combined data management and business experience, the SDI team tailors training and support to the needs of each organization. The team ensures that the Hub aligns with the unique requirements of each organization whether the need is for a one-time data migration or operation-critical integration.

The SDI Integration Hub™ delivered by SDI Certified Implementers ensure Sensible solutions.

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